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French Hood

Thank goodness Elizabeth is wearing a French Hood. After watching Elizabeth R and Henry VIII by Masterpiece Theater, I really dislike the gabled hood that English women wore. It honestly looks like a bird house on the head. It makes your head so BIG! I have a few captions of what they look like on real people.

My first thought was to go out and buy a visor and cover it. Lots of people do that, but after watching the series, I've decided to make my own.

June 07, 2007 At the Tudor Tailor  lecture today, I purchased the pattern for French Hoods they have 4 styles of hoods so lots to pick from.  I didn't get very good photos from their lecture most were very blury (not enough light and I thought it rude to use the flash).

All is constructed as one piece, but Jane said that more than likely, Tudor women had each peice placed on her head and build up the hat from the base.  The organza ribbon (last photo) is also steamed to set the ruffle.  Your hair should be braided around your head with ribbons, the hood will then stay in place much better.